Citizenship By Investment Helps you Live in the Mid of Tropical Paradise

St. Kitts and Nevis is one of the few regions to offer economic citizenship program. This government-run program was established in 1984 targeting more on foreigners to invest in the real estate of St. Kitts. Citizenship by Investment at St. Kitts is granted to those who make a significant investment in the country, either any of the charity organization or in the real estate. With the booming condition of real estate worldwide, more and more people prefer investing in the real estate of the country. You need to make significant investment in real estate and meet other legal requirements for acquiring the status of St. Kitts citizen.

Citizenship by InvestmentOnce you met all the requirements and legal standards, you will be granted with a government certificate of registration as a citizen and a passport too. When you are granted with citizenship, all paperwork and legal clauses will be applicable exactly as that of natives. After getting citizenship, you can go for a driver’s license if you would like to drive. To quality for this investment program, you need to pay the first registration fee of $ 35,000 for one single applicant. If the applicants include many, each person must pay an additional fee of $ 15, 000. The minimum investment of $ 250, 000 must be done in the real estate to gain the status of St. Kitts citizen.

Citizenship by InvestmentApplicants are not asked to pay the registration fees or any other charges until their application for citizenship is approved by the government. Once you have acquired the relevant documents, your real estate purchase will be completed rapidly. You need to provide the proof for identification during the application process. This can be a birth certificate for the applicant and marriage certificate for the spouse and children. Applicants who are above 12th age are needed to undergo an HIV test, and everyone should present 2 passport sized photos of themselves.

Citizenship by InvestmentSt. Kitts and Nevis landscape alone is attractive enough to induce anyone to stay there for lifetime. Besides this, the relaxing atmosphere, interactive natives and rich culture make it more alluring. If you get only a short time to live there, it would be a great investment in economical terms. With this citizenship program, you can enjoy many benefits such as visa free travel to international countries such as US, UK, Hong Kong etc. And there is no personal income tax or other wealth taxes and so, you can have a relaxed and tension free living there. A large number of real estate management companies can be available that maintains your property or leasing or renting the same when you are not using it.

Citizenship by InvestmentSo, you can use your property at St. Kitts at your own leisure, and can earn a good return on investment when you are not using it. If you want to sell the property or land, there are no restrictions to do so and you can also find many potential buyers quickly. This is just because of the interactive neighborhood and mind blowing landscape views the country possesses. So, go for Citizenship by Investment at St. Kitts to enjoy all!

Citizenship by InvestmentGo for more information about Citizenship By Investment please contact us  Tel:- +1.869.4661712. Fax:- +1.869.4652452. Email:- Address:- Belmont Resort Ltd PO Box 1208 A-10 Sands Complex Bay Road, Basseterre St. Kitts, West Indies


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