St. Kitts Citizenship By Investment to Acquire a Piece of Land for Peace

Citizenship by investment at St. Kitts has been established in 1984 by the Federation of the country. As per records, this is the longest citizenship program of this kind in the world. Designed for rural development, this investment program stimulates the growth of tourist industry and attracts more investors to the real estate field. St. Kitts government encourages foreigners to apply for this investment program by either investing in the real estate or donating to the Sugar Industry. There are many real estate projects run by the Federation of St. Kitts that help foreigners to become qualified for the program.

Citizenship by Investment

When qualify for real estate investment under the investment program foreigners are needed to be developed parcels. Authorized real estate projects have approval and authority for a fixed number of undeveloped parcels to qualify as sanctioned investments. The Federation’s investment program needs all applicants to go through an in-depth background check, and the approval for the citizenship generally takes about 12 weeks. Economic citizenship by St. Kitts government is not designed for buying real estate properties in the country. It is only one of the major benefits of this investment program. There are many associated benefits that are far-reaching, particularly during financially unstable periods.

st kitts citizenship

Depending upon the laws of St. Kitts, having citizenship is advantageous for purposes of personal security, tax planning and general convenience. This citizenship scheme does not entail voting authorities, but currently give the right to the recipient to get a St. Kitts passport and other benefits. You will get citizenship for life time and all your eligible family members too. The country does not charge taxes on capital gains, personal income, sales, net worth, wealth, gifts, inheritance etc. St. Kitts permits dual citizenship and allows applicants to successfully maintain citizenship in their home country.

Economic Citizenship

Some countries may need their citizens to apply for dual citizenship in the home country before applying for a second citizenship. Position of St. Kitts citizen gives the right to get employment in the Island and the recipient does not need to have permanent residency at St. Kitts. Passports given by the federation features different years of validity for different age group. For example, 10 year validity has been granted for adults while children of 16th age can use the passport for 5 years. Every passport holders have the right to renew as citizens of St. Kitts. More than these, citizens can make visa-free travel to around 80 international countries including Switzerland, Canada, the entire European and many British Commonwealth member countries.

st kitts citizenship by investment

To qualify for the investment program, you need to make a good amount of investment to the country. For every single applicant, $200,000 should be paid and for every additional member $15,000 should be made. This does not include law and other legal fees. But if you make donation to the Sugar Industry then the fee will include all government and due diligence charges. So, participate in the St. Kitts citizenship by investment program to own a piece of land for peace.

st kitts citizenship

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