Citizenship By Investment – Specialties of The Island

St. Kitts is one of the alluring and spectacular islands belonging to the Caribbean Federation. It is one the unspoiled island too. But, the place is known for its citizenship by investment program. St. Kitts government has incurred many losses due to certain failed improvement they tried out on Sugar Industry and other enterprises. The total debt burden the island incurred comes approximately 185% of its GDP. To overcome such poor condition, government has elevated the processes to develop the economy through making improvements in tourism, offshore banking, incorporation, insurance, asset management, agriculture etc. Citizenship program is one of the improvement activities of this kind that comes up with innovative benefits and second passport features to participants round the globe.

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment
St. Kitts locates around 350 km distance from east and southeast part of Puerto Rico and 80 km west of Antigua. Being one of the associated states of UK, St. Kitts is divided by a shallow channel ‘the narrow’ at a distance of 3.22 km. Country has a center volcanic peak with 985 meter height as the dominant feature and most beautiful highlight. With slop land adjacent shape, this volcano moves downward to sandy beaches on the northern and western shores. With ample natural springs, which are mostly volcanic hot springs, St. Kitts holds a climate that is cool with trade winds.

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment
Country holds a stable and democratic government as well as a constant legal system, which is dependent on English law. They also use English as official language. St. Kitts has 98% literate people and according to records this is the highest literacy rate in the western area. Country has Protestantism and Catholicism as predominant religions and most part of the revenue generates though company incorporation, asset management firms and development of international fiscal services. Most of these companies are registered their named under the island’s Act and are making payment of annual filing fees. Country government encourages tourism activities to attract more and more visitors and tourists towards the place.

Citizenship by Investment
According to latest surveys, around 200000 people visit St. Kitts every year. Country is well equipped with all latest amenities and facilities including 5 star hotels, restored plantation inns etc. Since the country does not have any direct international flights and cruise port, a well relaxed and placid lifestyle is maintained always. Crime rate and other illegal activities are also lower than other developed or developing countries. With the government run investment program, people are able to acquire citizenship of the country along with many advantages and benefits. People need to make either direct contribution to the Sugar Industry to invest in the real estate of the country to get citizenship status at St. Kitts.

Economic Citizenship
To qualify for the citizenship program, people don’t need to disclose their current citizenship status with the country. However, certain approval formalities and registration procedures are needed to complete by interested people at St. Kitts. There are real estate agents online who will help people apply for St. Kitts citizenship by investment program.

Economic Citizenship

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