St Kitts citizenship – Helps You Enjoy Benefits of Dual Citizenship

St. Kitts is one of the islands belong to the  Caribbean Federation and known for tropical heaven surroundings, which is blossoming and fertile with a South Pacific ambiance. St. Kitts Real estate is highly accepted among worldwide investors due to its opulent landscape and other unique features. Mount Liamuiga locates in the mid of St. Kitts, which is a dormant volcano lending to a riotous tropical forest. St. Kitts has a nearby island named, Nevis which also offers a tropical forest with astonishing tropical flora and fauna. This productive landscape and tremendous natural beauty makes St. Kitt’s real estate attractive to those who like to live in the beauty of nature, and St. Kitts citizenship program helps such wishes come true.

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment
Aliens need to hold certain authorizations for the deals of properties. A foreigner land holding license is necessary as per Alien Land Holding Regulation Act Cap 102. Usually there are two ways of transmitting ownership of possessions and of presenting possession. The Conveyancing and Law of Property Act requires a search for more than 35 years be made at the Registry of Deeds. This is a division of British deed scheme which arises from the colonial period. According to this law, the possession title can be changed with an act as per the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act.

Citizenship by Investment

Another way to get St. Kitts real estate is through certificate of title. With Land Surveying plans, a basis for this certificate is offered. Entry in a title register is also essential. This is according to the Title by Registration Act; and is not as dependable as it does not prevent a 3rd party from holding a possession title that is better. A minimum investment of $350,000 is essential to qualifying as per this government run economic citizenship program. There is no exceed-limit on the price and there are various luxurious properties available for those investors who have money to spend. Similar to any other alien real estate investment, it is good to make use of the assistance of a qualified and experienced real estate agent to take the helm towards the governmental necessities.

Economic Citizenship

With affection, St. Kitts and Nevis is called as the Secrete Caribbean, which has a little mysterious beauty to put forward. With long extends of white and colonial harbor towns and sandy beaches, St. Kitts seems to be a postal card. According to the law buildings are not allowed to build taller than the palm trees that much extremely contaminate the atmospheric state. With these features, St. Kitts and the Nevis real estate seem to be more attractive to investors all around the world. Getting a beautiful property of your choice or to invest in the real estate of the island is not a difficult task these days. There are lots of authorized real estate agents and investment programs running online to help foreigners understand where to contact and how to apply for the program. SO, Search for a well versed real estate agent to learn more about St. Kitts citizenship program. Apply for it and acquire a land of your dream.

st kitts citizenship

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