St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment to Purchase a Lovely Property

St. Kitts and Nevis are two most beautiful and well-preserved landscapes among the islands of Caribbean Federation. St. Kitts government has incurred big public business losses as they attempted to keep up the island’s notable sugar industry and other enterprises, which had accumulated one of the big debt burdens in the world. The burden is equal to approximately 185% of entire country GDP. Hence, the government has raised many economical development programs such as tourism, asset management, incorporation, agriculture, offshore banking and insurance. St. Kitts citizenship by investment is a program of this sort providing lots of benefits along with second citizenship to the investors at the island.

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment

St. Kitts locates at a 350 Km distance from east-southeast of Puerto Rico and 80 Km west of Antigua. It is a protectorate of United Kingdom. St. Kitts and Nevis are sorted out through a shallow channel ‘The Narrow’ with a distance of 3.22 Km. St. Kitts possess a central volcanic peak measuring 985 meter and is the main and most fantastic element. The volcanic peak is actually a slop territory adjacent to the ground and leans downwards to beaches on the western and northern shore areas. St. Kitts have a cool and chilling climate with cool trade breezes that changes from season to season.

st kitts citizenship

Island has an invariable democratic government and an established legal structure based on English law. St. Kitts and Nevis employ English as official language and the literacy rate is 98%. According to certain records, this literacy rate is the highest value in the Western Hemisphere. Catholicism and Protestantism are the dominant religions in St. Kitts and Nevis. A good part of revenue comes from the amalgamation of firms, development of international financial services business, and asset management companies. Around tens of thousands of these enterprises are registered under the islands act, and are paying annual filing fees. St. Kitts government encourages tourism activities to attract more visitors to the landscape.

Citizenship by Investment

Records state that around 200, 000 tourists are yet visited St. Kitts during 2009. The island is well equipped with latest amenities such as five star hotels, unique restored plantation inns and much more. Island does not have direct international flights or any cruise port, which helps the country to preserve a calm lifestyle and low crime rate. St. Kitts government runs the citizenship program to allow investors having residency without ceasing their current citizenship or informing their home country. Nevertheless, St. Kitts citizenship is subject to the sanction and payment of registration and other due diligence fees.

Economic Citizenship
Advantages of St. Kitts citizenship include dual passport and visa free travel to about 85 international companies. Apart from these, investors are also not asked to pay taxes for income, capital gains, gift, or inheritance. Buying properties at St. Kitts includes many reasons and one significant reason is fixed investment. It is more beautiful, comfortable and heavenly place than any other Caribbean islands. Thus, hold the benefits of St. Kitts citizenship by investment program.

Citizenship by Investment

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