Get Your Ticket to Visitor’s Paradise Through St Kitts Citizenship

Have you been long trying to find a place that will make you feel as if in paradise? St Kitts is the ideal destination for all the travel lovers on the globe. All you need to pave your way to this island is your passport and there you are out into a world of amazing places.  If you are a Canadian or a US citizen, then you can even furnish your birth certificate instead of your passport along with your photo ID. If you wish you could stay there forever, how about applying for a St Kitts citizenship?

Wish to know more about how to travel legally to St Kitts?

South Frigate Bay Beach, St. Kitts
Customs: While you travel to St Kitts the following items are duty free.

  • 100 cigars
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 26 Oz (1 bottle) of liquor
  • 1 bottle for wine

If you are coming from North America then you cannot take your pets there. But, those coming from England can take their pets if the pets are proved rabies free.

Future Of Hyatt Park - Cockleshell Bay - St. Kitts

Currency: The currency that is used in this part of the world is the Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC). The exchange rate for one single US dollar will vary from 2.55 to 2.70 EC Dollars. It is always wise to exchange your money from banks. Travelers’ checks and credit cards are much widely accepted there.

Medical Facilities: It is a place where you can get good doctors and emergency services in most of the places including all hotels. Pharmaceutical services and recompression chambers are also available there.

Time Zone: It is GMT: -04:00.

Communication: It is quite easy to call the US from this place. The USA direct calling services are provided by most of the hotels.

Potable water: There are many volcanic springs in St Kitts from where spring water comes out which is safe for drinking.

Thinking of staying here forever?

St Kitts Beach
If so, you are not the only one to do so. There are many tourists and visitors who have settled down in this heavenly place through St Kitts Citizenship by Investment.  Being the oldest citizenship by investment program run by the government, it is a reliable and easy way to become a citizen of St Kitts. All you need to do is to gather the information regarding the funds that are to be invested and the rules and regulations to be followed therewith.

Independence Square, Basseterre, St.Kitts.

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St. Kitts Citizenship By Investment– Why it is Extremely Advantageous?

St. Kitts may be the most gorgeous and unspoiled island among the Caribbean landscape. Due to public enterprise declines, the government of the nation has got many losses. Government tried to hold the island’s historic sugar industry, and made many other endeavors. Hence, it accumulated one of the largest debt burdens at the global level, which is equal to around 185% of the national GDP. But, country has made quick and amazing progress by diversifying the economy into tourism, incorporation, offshore banking, asset management, and most significantly St. Kitts citizenship by investment program. Country offers citizenship status to people of other countries along with many astonishing benefits.

st kitts citizenship by investment

St. Kitts, one of the West Indies islands extends to 90 Sq. Km and owns to half of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. These two islands are divided by the Narrows, a shallow 3.22 Km channel. St. Kitts has 985 Mt. Central Volcanic Peak as its dominant feature. A slanting coastal plain leads downwardly to sandy beaches on the west and north shores. Island is known for abundant natural springs which are volcanic hot springs in nature, and can be found particularly near the west coast. Tropical climate is offered with chilly trade winds, and changes little from one season to the next.

st kitts citizenship by investment

St. Kitts has a stable democratic government and law and order, which is rooted in English common law. Island has the highest literacy rate as 98% in the Western hemisphere. Having English as the official language, St. Kitts has two predominant religions – Catholicism and Protestantism. Major part of revenue comes from incorporation of companies, international financial services industry, asset management firms, and trust companies. Around tens of thousands of these organizations are registered, paying annual filing, and registration fees. Every year around 2, 00,000 tourists visit St. Kitts for its natural beauty and hospitality culture. Preferred destinations at the island include elite, rejuvenated plantation inns, 5 star hotels, and other small hotels.

st kitts citizenship by investment

Even though St. Kitts lacks direct international flights and a cruise port, all this favors to hold the island’s natural and relaxed lifestyle and also to reduce crime rate. People are offered with a government sponsored investment program that permits residency and dual citizenship without giving up their current citizenship. Interested people do not need to notify their home country while applying for this citizenship program. Government approves particular applications and certain fees are charged as registration and transaction cost. Advantages include visa and passport free travel to around 80+ international countries. More than this, citizens don’t need to pay income, gift, inheritance and capital gain tax at St. Kitts.

st kitts citizenship by investment
Citizenship program is the major attraction for which more people around the world want to buy a land or property at St. Kitts. A scenic, comfortable ambiance is offered at St. Kitts. A short flight is taken to reach St. Kitts from the US. There are many real estate service providers helping people from offshore areas to buy a land in St. Kitts and also to apply for St. Kitts citizenship by investment program.

st kitts citizenship by investment
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